Stream FAQs

What is Stream?
Stream is a mobile service that lets you share your world with just your phone. With Stream you can watch and broadcast live video streams, share clips from your reel, and find your friends. Simply put, Stream is the fastest and easiest way to share video directly from your phone.
  • Stream live video from your phone to the world.
  • Save streams to your device while broadcasting.
  • Watch video created by Stream's worldwide users.
  • Subscribe to users and get push notifications when they go live.
  • Chat with other viewers while watching, or streaming.
How do I get started?
Stream is available for download on the  Apple App Store and on the  Google Play Store. Once the Stream app is downloaded, you can sign up for a free account using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or your email address.
How do I find new streams on Stream?
Live streams will show up in the watch tab of the app. Because streams go away as soon as they are over, though, it's best to find friends and popular users to subscribe to. This way you'll get notifications when a stream begins, and can catch it live!
Can I save my streams for later use?
Yes! While we don't save your streams on our own servers, we believe they should still be yours to keep. Tapping the "Save To Camera Roll" icon in the broadcast interface will allow you to save your stream to your phone's camera roll/gallery.
Can I control who sees the content that I stream?
For now, profiles and streams are always public (but stay tuned for privacy controls in a future release!).
Do I have to share my location?
No. You have the ability to toggle geolocation on and off at any time while streaming.
How do I choose a username?
Choosing a username is easy! You can create any name for your account so long as it does not contain any special characters, does not violate our Terms & Conditions, and does not include intellectual property owned by someone else.
How do I add or change my email address?
You can modify your email address (and anything else on your profile) from the account screen (that's the last tab in the app). Just so you know, your email address is private and is never shared with other users.
How do I get help from a real person?
You can reach a Stream team member a few ways!  Send us a message,  email us, or talk to us on  Facebook or  Twitter — whatever method is easiest for you and we’ll respond quickly!
How do I change my password?
You can change your password from the settings menu on your account screen. We'll ask you to verify your current password, just to make sure it's really you!
What if I forgot my password?
It happens. Simply click the "Forgot password" link on the sign in form, and follow the on-screen instructions.
Are my streams saved anywhere?
We don’t save any streams, so they are only saved on your personal camera roll/gallery on your phone if you so choose. On Android, you can change this setting before starting your stream, and on iOS you can toggle that setting at any time, even during your broadcast.  Stream or InfiniteTakes – at this time – does not retain any live video on our servers.
How do I report inappropriate material someone is streaming?
If you feel like a stream you are watching is inappropriate, flag it! You can flag a stream by clicking the flag icon on the watch screen. This will alert us to the situation and we'll take the appropriate action!